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Rear light WD216 passed Kmark (STVZO)

High power LED provides light source, equipped with precision light guide strip; Fully sealed waterproof design, more secure and reliable.
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Taillight WD216 uses high-power LED light source and is equipped with precise light guide bar. It adopts fully sealed waterproof design, which is safer and more reliable. At present, there are several voltage versions to choose from, such as AC6V, DC6-48V wide voltage adaptation. This product has passed various certification tests, including CE, ECE(E-mark), Chinese national standard GB and German K-mark (STVZO). Perfect performance and reasonable price positioning make the product widely praised by customers once it is launched. Certificate Approval: CE/StVZO/ECE/GB/T 31887.1-2019. Size: L90mm W40mm H16mm. Weight: 46g. Waterproof level: IPX4. Material: PMMA+ABS. Assemble Dimension: 50mm. Voltage: AC6V/DC6-48V. Power: 0.5W. Light source: LED. The taillight can be used normally after the wire is connected well. The taillight with 6V DC need to note that the positive and negative poles need to correspond to the positive and negative poles on the back cover ofthe light. Wiring definition: DC Power Supply Mode Power supply positive/negative; AC power supply mode No positive or negative poles. After a period of use, the fixing screw of the taillight will be loosened due to vibration, please use the tool to tighten properly.Applicable environment: temperature: -20℃~60℃; humidity: 20%~80% Please don’t knock on the transparent cover of the Taillight with a hard object, which can cause the cracking of the headlight.Q: The light suddenly went out when riding normally at night? A: Check whether the wiring of plugs is loose first( in most case it’s caused by loose plug ), please reinsert the plugs. If the problem cannot be solved by above method, please contact with the local dealer for repair or exchange. Q: after the rain, there is a little water vapor in the inner wall ofthe lamp, how to deal with it? A: This is mainly due to the water in the interior ofthe lamp, resulting in water droplets on the inner wall,the normal ride ofthe car about 60 minutes or turn on the taillight about 30 minutes, so that the water inside the lamp can evaporate.


ApprovalCE/StVZO/ECE/GB/T 31887.1-2019
SizeL 90mm  W 40mm  H 16mm
Assemble Dimension50mm
VoltageAC6V / DC6-48V
Light SourceLED