New launch thumb throttle 300X
  • New launch thumb throttle 300X
  • New launch thumb throttle 300X
  • New launch thumb throttle 300X

New launch thumb throttle 300X

The appearance of the product is simple, tough, ergonomic, light and comfortable; The main body is made of PA+GF alloy material, which has good overall performance and high impact resistance; Open locking structure, easy to operate; Hall fully enclosed glue filling process, better waterproof performance.
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The new thumb throttle 300X has a simple and tough design, which is ergonomic and feels light and comfortable. PA+GF50% material is used in the main support part of the product, which has high impact strength and good comprehensive performance. It uses an open locking structure, which is easy to operate. And it is convenient to install other parts firstly when assembling bicycles or e-scooters. It is also suitable for the after sales market and DIY market. The hall sensor of 300X is totally sealed and filled with special glue, which has better waterproof performance than traditional thumb throttle, reaching IPX5 waterproof level. It can support different brands of waterproof cables, and is suitable for mini scooters and assistant bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric tool vehicles and other muti-purposes mobility. It is another leading product design of Wuxing Star Union after 130X thumb throttle. Certificate Approval: ROHS. Size: L68mm W20mm H55mm. Weight: 45g. Waterproof level: IPX5. Material: PA+GF50%. Wiring: 3pins. Voltage: 5V. Operating Temperature: -20℃-60℃。 Wire Tension: ≥60N。 Rotation Angle: 0°-50°. Spin Intensity:≈ 5N.m。Durability: 100000 mating cycle. Wiring definition:1.Red +5V 2.Black GND 3.Green Hall signal output.Trouble Shooting: When riding, it is found that the finger is stuck when rotating, which maybe caused by small clearance between parts. Wipe. Check wether the relevant parts are deformed and whether there are foreign matters.It is necessary to ensure the fingering flexible rotation. If it stops suddenly during driving and can't accelerate. It maybe due to the hall damage or the poor welding.It is necessary to replace the corresponding speed regulating throttle. Before use, check whether the finger spring back is smooth, when the handle is in any position. It should be checked. Release the hand again, and the handle should be reset quickly.If there is sticking, it is necessary to clean up the foreign matters and coat the inner hole apply lubricating oil. It is necessary to check whether the sheath of exposed core wire is broken or peeled. And insulating tape is required.

SizeL 68mm W 20mm H 55mm
Wiring3 Pins
Operating Temperature-20℃~60℃
Wire Tension≥60N
Rotation Angle 0℃~50℃
Spin Intensity≈5N.m
Durability100,000 mating cycle